High quality products and very good service is not all that Rolmar customers get.
Our operation also means active marketing support for our Business Partners and our exclusive brands.


We communicate with our end users on a regular basis via the press, fairs, the internet and social media.
We invest in direct contact with the users of our products, which contributes to increasing recognition of our brands.
Owing to marketing involvement in our brands and in cooperation with the distribution network, products with the Ursus, Waryński and Polmo logo are sold directly to over 60,000 users a year.

Benefits package

Our Business Partners maintain close cooperation with Rolmar not only because our brands are the first-choice brands.
For several years now we have been creating a Polish network of partner outlets,
We offer an additional package of benefits who appreciate the quality of our products and actively present our brands.

We adapt outlets, participate in development of new and transformation of the existing outlets.
We offer a wide range of displays units and assist in making displays


We get involved in all areas of our clients’ activity.

Benefits of being our business Partner include:

  • preferential conditions for purchasing Ursus, Waryński and Polmo products
  • assistance in sales supporting programmes
  • access to marketing materials
  • development of individual marketing materials
  • professional technical trainings

If you need more details, contact our Key Account Managers.